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Sam Smith has had one hell of a year.

The superstar singer, who was recently awarded four Grammys for his debut album this past Sunday, visited The Ellen Show and opened up about the whirlwind he’s endured over the last couple of days.

When it came to celebrating his four trophies, the “Lay Me Down” singer kept it super low-key. Instead of going out to a swanky Hollywood party, he opted for some family time. He told Ellen:

“It’s been such a ridiculous night. I didn’t want to go to any of the celebrity parties. I went to my label’s house in the hills, and I flew my mum and my dad and my little sisters out and we all had some In-N-Out burgers and that’s what we did.”

With all the hubbub going on around Beck winning in the Album of the Year category, Sam, who previously claimed that he would give that Grammy to Beyonce if he won it, seems to have had a change of heart after taking home some trophies, stating:

“That was a lie. I was joking. It was English sarcasm.”

It was all in good humor, of course – no shade.

The same cannot be said for his ex-boyfriends, one with whom he just split three weeks ago:

“I just find it funny. Such a sad record and such a sad experience has turned out to be a very happy one. I was dating someone and we split about three weeks ago. I couldn’t bring out In the Lonely Hour and bring someone to the Grammys. I had to be lonely at the Grammys…I’ve just got to make sure my next boyfriend can polish my Grammys for me.”

Much like his predecessors Adele and Taylor Swift, Sam is laughing all the way to the bank.


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