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Jay Z is a lot of things: a businessman, a multi-millionaire, a 21-time Grammy winner, husband to Beyonce, father to Blue Ivy, and now he’s adding another accolade to his list of achievements–mediator.

While Kanye West almost pulled another Kanye at this weekend’s Grammys, Jay was making sure that Yeezus was at least back in Taylor Swift‘s good graces.

In a new video, the three can be seen chatting it up in the Grammy audience, and it seems as though Blue Ivy’s papa played an important role in making sure Tay and ‘Ye settled their differences. If you remember, Kanye snatched the mic from Taylor at the 2009 MTV VMAs after she won Best Female Video, because – you guessed it – he thought Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” deserved the statue.

Though what exactly was said is inaudible (and will probably remain so), we can clearly see Jay mediating the convo between the two parties. Jay’s game is so strong that at the end, Yeezy and Tay shake hands, share a laugh, get some applause of approval from Hov, and go so far as to pose for a picture together.

All is well in the musical kingdom. (Mainly because his newest victim Beck is too nice to hate on Kanye’s latest interruption.)


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