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New photos showing the before, during, and after of Bruce Jenner‘s car accident that left one person dead could mean bad news for the Olympic hero.

TMZ published photos of the car wreck that occurred this past weekend, and they sparked a new theory that Bruce hit both vehicles involved. The lawyer for the Prius driver says the emblem from Bruce’s SUV is embedded in the back of the Prius, which could lead to more serious charges for Bruce.

If Bruce is the only one who struck both the Lexus and then the Prius, it would make prosecution for vehicular manslaughter more likely, if authorities determined he was following too closely.

The entire situation is very complicated, because there are several conflicting statements from witnesses. Some say the Lexus hit the Prius; that is now being disputed.

If the Lexus had first hit the Prius there would have been roughly the same damage on the right and left front. But there’s no evidence of damage.

Bruce has already handed over his phone records and is cooperating with police to prove he wasn’t texting or on his cell while driving.

To see the photos, head over to TMZ.


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