Many are looking towards militant group Boko Haram after a female suicide bomber blew herself up in a crowded market on Sunday.

The girl, predicted to be around 10-years-old, stepped out of a tricycle taxi in front of a cell phone market and triggered her explosives. Five people were killed and 46 others were injured. The incident has been attributed to Boko Haram — just last week, a female suicide bomber connected to the terrorist group attacked the city of Damaturu. According to the Washington Post:

The Associated Press was trying to verify the situation in Baga, a town on Lake Chad and the border with Cameroon where the extremists are accused of killing hundreds of people in a January attack after Nigerian troops fled.


The government hopes the military will be able to reclaim enough territory to allow presidential elections March 28, which Boko Haram is threatening to disrupt.

Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa, a propaganda organization posting information about the group, claimed they still have control over the city of Baga. Officials have refuted the claims as they work tirelessly on taking back the town, including the town of Chad.

“Baga still is under the control of the mujahedeen and any claim by the regime that they took the city is their usual lie,” said a brief message posted on the Twitter account of Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa, according to the SITE intelligence monitoring service.

Boko Haram has yet to take responsibility for the attack.

SOURCE: Washington Post  | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc. 

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