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How To Get Away With Murder fans rejoice! The show will be back for a second season.

After last night’s epic season finale, ABC aired a 16-second promo letting us know the show will be back in the fall. Though the network won’t confirm until mid-May, it’s safe to say that the heavily suspenseful hit show that earned lead actress Viola Davis a SAG Award will be back come September.

Watch the promo above.

Christina Milian is expecting…a new niece or nephew. Though the singer is not pregnant, her sister Danielle Milian will welcome her third child with hubby Richard. The Turned Up star opened up to E! Online about her pending addition, stating:

“It’s reminiscent of my son. I have a feeling it takes my body a little more work to have boys,” Danielle admitted. She also said that her main craving so far has been red meat, which is strange because she’s “not a big red meat eater.”

Though all she wants is a healthy baby, she is however, hopeful they have a little boy:

“I want my husband to have that son,” she confessed.”I think if it’s a girl we might possibly try again, for that boy.”

Congratulations to the family.

Michael Dobbs, writer of the original UK version of House of Cards, apparently didn’t have the highest hopes for the widely revered show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael thought the transition to U.S. TV would be ill-fated. He stated:

“I expected it all to go horribly wrong, and me to be left outside on the doorstep, shouting through the letterbox, ‘You’ve got it all wrong’,” Michael Dobbs told Radio Times magazine. “But it really has been the happiest professional experience of my life, and that is something I never ever dreamt I’d be able to say.”

Michael, who also serves as Executive Producer on the Netflix show, opened up about his strained relationship with BBC:

“When I was told by a very senior BBC executive that if I took my name off, I would never, ever work for the BBC ever again, I thought that they’d given me absolutely everything I needed to walk out the door, and I did,” Dobbs said.

Needless to say, it all worked out well in the end.

Harrison Ford is reprising his role as Rick Deckard in the classic movie Blade Runner. The reboot, which will begin production in the summer of 2016, will be produced by Ridley Scott–who wrote the first movie–and written by Hampton Francher and Michael Green.

Comedian Nore Davis is coming out with a new comedy CD, Born In The Hood. The funny man talks about growing up in the hood–including a durag wearing cousin, strange bodega birth story, and a very cute pit bull that is just confused about it all.

Watch the video above and get the CD here.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online, Miami Herald | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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