Danielle Milian gave birth to her baby son, Richie, yesterday, but he sadly passed away just hours later. The sister to Christina Milian received the word months ago that her baby was diagnosed with omphalocele, which is a life-threatening disease that causes the organs to grow outside of the body. The Turned Up reality star spoke out […]

How To Get Away With Murder fans rejoice! The show will be back for a second season. After last night’s epic season finale, ABC aired a 16-second promo letting us know the show will be back in the fall. Though the network won’t confirm until mid-May, it’s safe to say that the heavily suspenseful hit show that earned […]

Move over Kardashian sisters, here come the Milians. Christina Milian and her sisters Danielle and Liz are so damn fine, and now they’re on the E! Network. Their new reality show, Christina Turned Up, is basically the super spicy Cuban version of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Obviously, Christina is “the Kim K.” of the […]