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Authorities have not yet decided if Bruce Jenner should be prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter. Most recently, photos of Bruce talking on the phone while driving have surfaced. Authorities say this isn’t helping his case. [TMZ]

The oldest married couple in Rockland County will be celebrating their birthdays this weekend, with a combined age of 212. The husband will be turning 108 years old, while his wife of 82 years will be turning 105 in May. [USA Today]

Police in Washington, D.C are already being told to not use the smell of marijuana as probable cause. This comes in just days after weed was legalized in the nation’s capital. [Daily Mail]

A 14-year-old has been dubbed a hero for stopping a school bus full of students after the bus driver was knocked unconscious by a classmate. The unnamed 15-year-old suspect was charged with assault. [Daily Mail]