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The internet is such a glorious place.

If you haven’t seen Malcolm White’s “CoCo” cover come across your Twitter timeline in the past week, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

We have no idea how old or where Malcolm is from, but he’s our new favorite internet sensation. The talented teenager’s Instagram and Vine followers have doubled since his hilarious cafeteria cover of OT Genasis’ “CoCo”  went viral.

We started digging around and we found Malcolm’s Instagram page, which not only features his cool ass covers, but also videos from his school talent show and his own original material.

Not only does he do a fantastic cover of “CoCo,” but he also killed New Jersey newcomer Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.”

Just like his Instagram page says, “Malcolm’s Up Next.”

Check out more of Malcolm’s Vines and Instagram videos below.

Malcolm covers “Ordinary People”

“Ordinary People” Part 2.

Malcolm covers The Weeknd’s “Earned It”

“P.O.P. Hold It Down”

Talent Show Malcolm


Cafeteria Turn Up

SOURCE: Instagram

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