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Let’s be real: if you’re not watching HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, there’s something wrong with your TV viewing schedule. Based on George R.R. Martin’s monumental book series A Song of Ice & Fire, GOT might be the best thing on television – melding sex, violence, power struggles, nuanced characters, gorgeous landscapes, quippy dialogue, and plenty of jaw-dropping plot twists, all culminating in a seriously fun viewing experience.

We’re now up to the show’s fifth season, and thanks to some exciting trailers and first look clips, our prediction is that what’s to come might be even more scintillating than ever before. But why should you be tuning in? Easy. Here’s five reasons to watch GOT’s Season 5 when it premieres on April 12th. Previous season spoilers ahead!

Our Favorite Characters Get New Looks and New Locations

How could we forget Tyrion finally silencing his ruthless and conniving father Tywin by shooting him through the guts while he was “doing his business?” Well, Tyrion had to flee Kings Landing, of course, and the new season gives us a glimpse at his impressive new beard and hints at his travels to Pentos and later, Meereen…where our beloved Queen Daenerys is holding court. Meanwhile, Arya – on the run since the death of her father Ned Stark in the first season – hides out in the far away land of Braavos, gets an entirely new look, and joins something that amounts to a creepy cult (aka the Faceless Men). These are entirely new frontiers for two of our chosen underdogs.

Cersei Gets Naked and We Find Out More About Her Past

Yes, she’s one of the only female characters whom we haven’t seen in the buff, but this season, it’s happening. Queen Regent Cersei must strip down and do a walk of penance after some of her dirty deeds (including conspiring to kill Margaery Tyrell) are finally found out. We also know there will be a flashback showing a young Cersei having a run-in with a seer, who tells her she will gain and subsequently lose her queenship.

There’s a Whole New Family Added to the Mix

We finally head to Dorne, where the Martell family must deal with the aftermath of their prized son Prince Oberyn’s death at the hands of The Mountain. Remember that bloody battle to the death? We’ll meet his eldest brother, who is confined to a wheelchair, and Oberyn’s eight bastard daughters, the Sand Snakes, who are hell-bent on avenging his death. We also know Spain has been scouted for the exotic land of Dorne, so expect even more breathtaking landscapes.

Jon Snow Still Knows Nothing

After losing his love Ygritte and brokering a deal with Stannis Baratheon to save the Night’s Watch (and the rest of the realm) from the White Walkers, aka the animated dead men who kill their victims and then acclimate them to their army, Jon Snow is selected the Lord Commander of the Black Brothers. But that’s just the beginning of his problems. Lord Snow will have to deal with the Wildings’ wily king Mance Rayder, with whom he called a truce last season, Stannis’ pride and his lady in red with her fire god, Melisandre, and poor craven Sam and his lady love Gilly.

Daenerys and Her Dragons Rule Across the Sea

At the end of last season, Daenerys was forced to lock her dragons away (they kept accidentally eating people). She’s now ruling over the volatile Meereen, most of whose residents do not want her there. We can expect plenty of throne room drama, probably a flash of actress Emilia Clarke’s lovely cleavage, CGI dragons, and most exciting of all…a probable partnership between the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and the Imp (Tyrion) himself.

Season 5 premieres April 12th at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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