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From writing to producing, Chicago native Lena Waithe does it all. In our final installment of Nissan’s Blvd Of Dreams series, Waithe opens up about her journey to the top and what it really means to be a hard worker.

Waithe’s ambition and creativity has helped formulate hit web series like Hello Cupid, the film Dear White Peopleand recently a new show in the works with BET titled Twenties. The go-getter keeps grounded by surrounding herself with like-minded people and remaining true to her ideals.

When it comes to cultivating memorable shows and movies, Waithe isn’t interested in small laughs. The writer is in the business of creating long-lasting entertainment that resonates in pop culture.

“I want to create something with value,” she said. “Something that people are referencing 10-20 years from now.”

Get inspired by checking out Waithe’s video above and peruse more from Blvd Of Dreams here. Want to get your hands behind the wheel of a Nissan Sentra? Check out more information behind the smooth-riding vehicle here.

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