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They stay coming for Muva, and she always claps back in the best way.

Kat Stacks sent Instagram abuzz when she threw subtle shade at Amber Rose over paparazzi photos that showed that Bash‘s mama has some dimples on her booty. The pics were posted collage-style next to the ones on Amber’s Instagram that showed the MILF mama’s seemingly smooth backside.

Never one to let people walk all over her, Amber took to her ‘Gram and posted her own pics, proudly showing off her dimples. The pic, partially hashtagged, “beautiful babies give you beautiful dimples,” proved that Amber is proud of her body and just like the rest of us, uses a little filter every now and again.

And early this morning, Amber posted the unfiltered version of the photo on her Instagram, but has since deleted the post. However, nothing on the internet is ever gone forever…check out the screenshot below.


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