They stay coming for Muva, and she always claps back in the best way. Kat Stacks sent Instagram abuzz when she threw subtle shade at Amber Rose over paparazzi photos that showed that Bash‘s mama has some dimples on her booty. The pics were posted collage-style next to the ones on Amber’s Instagram that showed […]

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common, to the point that it’s a little uncanny. Muva’s “MILFY ass” is probably the only one that can give Kim’s a run for its money, Amber used to date Kanye West and now Yeezy’s married to Kim, and both ladies have just one crazy cute […]

Amber Rose might be pretty quiet as far as speaking out about her personal life, but she’s definitely got our full attention anyway. The 31-year-old model has been in Miami for the weekend, where she’s been making her party rounds with bestie Blac Chyna and getting some love from Taz Angels. Now, she’s simmering down after […]

Amber Rose is giving you her big ol’ booty to kiss. The mother slash actress slash model slash businesswoman posted the picture above with the caption, “kiss it!” At the time we published this article, over 100,000 people double-tapped that Instagram picture with their lips. The snap comes from a photoshoot Amber did with the legendary […]

Fresh off letting the world know about her new single life obsession – masturbating – Amber Rose isn’t letting up on her provocative social media messaging. No, not at all. After Instagram captioning a soaking wet photo of Rihanna “Fuck. Me.,” (because what other caption works?), Muva showed off her cake, cake, cake in a photo of herself […]

What better day to reflect on Amber's perfection than on her birthday...

Amber got super sexy for an upcoming photoshoot, sharing pics online for fans to drool over...