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We all remember the big blowout between Basketball Wives: L.A. stars Draya, Malaysia Pargo, and Sundy Carter that happened years ago.

Well, while we thought the case was put to bed, Sundy is taking it to the next level. Sundy, who was on the receiving end of a mean right hook from Orlando Scandrick’s boo, filed a police report saying that the punch caused permanent eye damage.

According to TMZ:

So here’s the problem. Sundy filed the police report Wednesday night — nearly 2 years after the incident, and the statute of limitations is 1 year. Sundy says she only found out 6 months ago she has permanent eye damage. She says her vision is blurred, not getting any better, and she now has to wear glasses.

Sundy, who’s had her own share of legal woes, may still have a chance at getting justice for her eye. Though she cannot file a report for assault charges, she can still file a civil lawsuit, since the statute of limitations for that is two years.

Whatever happens, we hope the ladies can move on without throwing any more punches.


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