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James H. Meredith statue on the campus of the University of Mississippi

Source: Wesley Hitt / Getty

A federal hate crime occurred at the University of Mississippi when a former student placed a noose on the school’s James Meredith statue last year. According to the Justice Department, the former student, Graeme Phillip Harris, has been indicted on all charges. [ABC News]

A young man, believed to be a Florida State University student, was filmed biting the head off a living hamster. He then proceeded to hurl the remains over a fence. PETA is currently searching for the college student. [Georgia News Day]

Authorities are searching for two men who went missing after the tragic East Village explosions. They were last seen inside the Sushi Park restaurant, which may have been the source of the blast. [ABC 7]

An Air Canada plane made an abrupt landing and ended up going off the runway earlier this morning. No injuries were reported but all of Halifax Airport’s power was knocked out during the incident. [Daily Mail]


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