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Austin Reed Edenfield pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge on Thursday after acknowledging he helped Graeme Phillip Harris and another student place a noose on the neck of the statue in February 2014.


A 61-year-old Mississippi man was arrested and charged with detonating an explosive after he threw a bomb at a Walmart store because the chain stopped selling Confederate Flags.

A federal hate crime occurred at the University of Mississippi when a former student placed a noose on the school’s James Meredith statue last year. According to the Justice Department, the former student, Graeme Phillip Harris, has been indicted on all charges. [ABC News] A young man, believed to be a Florida State University student, […]

A fraternity chapter at the University of Mississippi has been suspended, with three freshmen kicked out completely, after they became suspects in a racial campus incident. According to The Huffington Post, the Alpha Chapter was suspended by its national organization after a noose was found around the neck of the James Meredith statue. James Meredith […]