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A fraternity chapter at the University of Mississippi has been suspended, with three freshmen kicked out completely, after they became suspects in a racial campus incident.

According to The Huffington Post, the Alpha Chapter was suspended by its national organization after a noose was found around the neck of the James Meredith statue.

James Meredith was the first black student to attend the University back in 1962, after he and others protested when the governor tried to stop him from enrolling.

According to reports, the FBI is currently involved in the investigation and wants to expand it in order to see if there were any violations of the law.

CEO of Sigma Phi Epsilon said in a statement:

“It is embarrassing that these men had previously identified with our fraternity,” said Brian C. Warren Jr., CEO of Sigma Phi Epsilon. “SigEp as a national fraternity has championed racial equality and issues on diversity since 1959 when it became the first national fraternity to invite members of all races, creeds and religions to join its membership…. We won’t allow the actions of a few men to undermine the more than five decades of leadership this fraternity has demonstrated in the fight for racial equality and diversity on our college campuses.”

So far, the three students potentially involved have not been identified, and won’t give any information without an arrest warrant but The Ole Miss Alumni Association is “offering at $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.”

This is extremely unfortunate. We hope the FBI gets to the bottom of it soon.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post