Folks haven’t been playing with Starbucks this week after their racists actions at a Philly location. The arrest of two Black men for simply sitting in a store has resulted in protests across the country and a #BoycottStarbucks movement. Amidst all the heat, the Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has spoken up and some company changes have […]

Black artists are under heavy surveillance at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, according to a former security manager. Home to the Atlanta Hawks, the Philips Arena draws many celebrities and musicians to perform. However, while some stars are able to bypass security, others are not, and race might play a big part. Sam Hayes was […]

Wyclef Jean is taking on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. After sheriff deputies wrongly arrested him, mistaking him for an  armed robber, the music artist condemned their actions on Twitter, at first believing they were the LAPD. The sheriff’s department issued an apology and a report of the incident, but Jean is not having it. The […]

One man took a stand for the racially profiled kids in his neighborhood.


Many people believed that the hijacker may have been affiliated with ISIS, but he took over the plane because he wanted to give a letter to his ex-wife.


Cincinnati police launch an internal investigation of an officer's arrest of a Black man for jaywalking. The man self-recorded the video and claims his rights were violated.

In a racially charged year, differences are on high level Amber alert. We can't escape the dialogue. 'Zootopia' sweetly reminds us that we shouldn't.


About a dozen Black NYPD officers filed a lawsuit against their department claiming they were pressured to implement racism in their practices.

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Trayon Christian was awarded $45,000 from the company this week.