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Wyclef Jean Signs 'Purpose: An Immigrant's Story'

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

Wyclef Jean is taking on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. After sheriff deputies wrongly arrested him, mistaking him for an  armed robber, the music artist condemned their actions on Twitter, at first believing they were the LAPD.

The sheriff’s department issued an apology and a report of the incident, but Jean is not having it. The 47-year-old musician said the sheriff’s deputies lied about his traffic stop to protect themselves. In a video released to TMZ, he insisted that the minute he got out of his vehicle “the sheriff’s were on me.” Thus, there was no way he could have gone to his trunk and had his hand by his waistband as the sheriff department’s report explained. You can watch his full video below. Jean further explains that the sheriff department’s inaccurate report feels like an “assassination of character”, as well as “tampering with wrong information and not giving the truth.”

Since the release of Jean’s video, The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department stuck with their story and offered to speak with Jean as a way to clear the air. However, they already got the rapper started and it’s a little too late.

Jean went on Good Morning America calling for a formal investigation of racial profiling for the department. You can watch his interview below.

It appears the sheriff’s department messed with the wrong one.