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We’ve witnessed this equation before — White surveillance + Black joy + phone = a direct line to the police.

In the latest episode of crusty White surveillance, a White guy at a North Carolina swimming pool, Adam Bloom, tried to card a Black woman trying to enter the venue with her kid.

Adam is a member of the homeowners association, so already we have the worst kind of White surveillance — someone who thinks they have authority because of some rinky dink title.

Adam asked Jasmine Edwards for her ID and address to prove she was a resident in the Glenridge neighborhood, and Jasmine was not about it.

“Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use the pool?” Jasmine says in a video that has since gone viral.

Since Jasmine wasn’t giving into crusty White authority…


Adam called the police.

“The issue was brought up. The officers asked the questions that needed to be asked to get the issues resolved,” said Police Chief Catrina Thompson.  “They were able to prove that Jasmine had what she needed to get into the pool. At the end of the day, there was no need to see an ID, at that point, because there was nothing to say that an ID was necessary.”

You can watch the clip go down for yourself below.

Of course, along with #PermitPatty and #BBQBecky, Adam has now been officially titled #IDAdam.

Oh, and ID Adam isn’t apart of the homeowners association anymore either.


White people get your folks!


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