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If you were planning on going to a festival this season, a selfie stick may have been on your list of essentials. What better way to capture your time in the crowd during unforgettable musical performances?

Well, if you were planning on bringing one to Coachella and/or Lollapalooza, that’s exactly what you’re going to have to start thinking about: a better way. The vanity device landed itself on the list of banned items for both fests, with Coachella specifically saying that they won’t allow selfie sticks or “narsisstics.”

Despite the typo, it seems like an attempt to eliminate all narcissists from the festival is far-fetched. But, we guess eliminating the selfie stick is their idea of the first step.

Before making your way to Cali, check out the Coachella website for other items you won’t be able to bring.


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