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Giuliana Rancic is sick of the jokes; she knows she’s too skinny.

After the host got into hot water over her Zendaya hair crack, someone on Twitter said ‘she looks like the line she crossed.’ Ouch.

Showing up extra slim at the Golden Globe Awards this year, people started to speculate that maybe the mom and wife had an eating disorder, and other things far worse.

“Some people were saying, ‘The cancer is probably back,'” Rancic, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and underwent a double mastectomy that year, tells PEOPLE. “And they were accusing me of every eating disorder. I thought to myself, ‘God, if someone really thought I had an eating disorder, what a horrible way to approach it.’ “

Fortunately the Fashion Police host is healthy, but the cancer-suppressing medicine she’s taking is not allowing her to gain any weight.

“It’s really hurtful,” says Rancic of the attention, adding that she had hoped criticism about her appearance would quiet down on its own. “I’m sorry that some people think I’m disgustingly skinny, as they put it, but there’s nothing I can do. I’m lucky that I even have the type of cancer that reacts to the medicine.”

Giuliana claims she eats more than any of her friends. But either way, here’s hoping she stays safe and cancer-free.


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