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If you’re a hot artist like Niykee Heaton, you probably need a hot manager, right?

News flash, folks: the answer is “yes.”

Meet Lauren Pisciotta, Niykee Heaton’s manager and mastermind behind the blonde bombshell’s catchy hip-hop covers.

Since her “Love Sosa” cover went viral on the ‘net, Niykee Heaton’s been killing Instagram – one thirst trap at a time. Unbeknownst to most folks, Niykee’s manager Lauren has also been thirsting on the internet.

Clearly, both these young ladies are full of bad intentions.

Earlier this week, Niykee was featured in a smoking hot spread with Complex Magazine, where she discussed being an internet sensation, thirst traps, d*ck pics, and Tinder.

So, we’re giving you a double dose of hotness.

If you don’t believe Lauren’s just as lit as Niykee, check her out for yourself. And catch our exclusive interview with Niykee down below.

27 Pictures Of Niykee Heaton’s Hot Manager Lauren Pisciotta
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