I’m an addict. But my drug isn’t coke, weed, pills, or anything like that, it’s Taz’s Angels. I follow all of them on Instagram, I’m hypnotized by their Snapchats, and when they tweet, I find it amusing. Each week my favorite changes. I first fell in love with AB. I’m a sucker for big hair. […]

https://instagram.com/p/ric1VbA5ey/ If you’re a hot artist like Niykee Heaton, you probably need a hot manager, right? News flash, folks: the answer is “yes.” Meet Lauren Pisciotta, Niykee Heaton’s manager and mastermind behind the blonde bombshell’s catchy hip-hop covers. Since her “Love Sosa” cover went viral on the ‘net, Niykee Heaton’s been killing Instagram – one thirst […]