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I’m an addict. But my drug isn’t coke, weed, pills, or anything like that, it’s Taz’s Angels.

I follow all of them on Instagram, I’m hypnotized by their Snapchats, and when they tweet, I find it amusing. Each week my favorite changes. I first fell in love with AB. I’m a sucker for big hair. Then I had a thing for Cat. Damn, she fine. Then I fell in love with Ashley. After that, Demi Rose started to make my insides melt. Next, Kinky stole my heart, and then I got the jones for Leena.

I think I’m in love with Taz’s Sister Wives.

According to their website, even they aren’t sure what they do.

TazsAngels is a group of Miami women that have gotten famous from their Instagram account. If you’ve ever checked the Popular page; at any time one of the girls are on there. They are extremely fit and love to have fun. They all live inside the same house where they are provided the life by a guy named Taz. Rumors are that he is their pimp and that CatDaGreat is the madame that goes out to recruit; this is all rumors so no one really knows what they do.

I might have a problem and need a little bit of help. On their Snapchat, I look forward to their Pastho lessons each day. I know the name of their maids. Gloria left and they got a new maid from Chicago and things got real. Yeah…I know way too much about Taz’s Angels.

Since it’s Wednesday and I’m in love with Taz’s Angels. Here is the best of these beautiful young ladies in the gallery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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