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Yeezus can walk on water.

Well, not really.

Feeling spontaneous, Kanye apparently woke up his wife Kim Kardashian in the middle of the night to do a “free concert” for the people of Yerevan, Armenia, and he ended up jumping in a swan lake.

Kanye made an announcement for residents of Yerevan (where he is vacationing with the Kardashian fam) to meet him at the Karapi Litch swan lake, where he performed “Stronger,” “Power,” “Touch The Sky,” and “All Of The Lights.” But it was his performance of “Good Life” that prompted him to “swim with the fishes.”

After his attempt to walk on water, the concert quickly came to a close, partly due to the malfunction of the “All Day” rapper’s mic and for public safety. 

Watch Kanye’s crazy performance up top.

SOURCE: Instagram, Twitter

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