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Meet Pluto, Canada’s latest offering to the R&B/soul genre.

The 19-year-old singer/songwriter burst onto the music scene when he released his 2013 heartbreak-filled EP Jessica. Titled after his ex-girlfriend, the young crooner painfully sings about breaking up with his first love and all the illogical feelings that come with the dissolution of a relationship.

Pluto’s been compared to Frank Ocean and James Blake, but the “Crazy In Love” singer’s nothing like his notable peers. He boasts a thrilling, yet frigid falsetto, and the ability to lure his listener in one metaphor at a time.

Pluto stopped by GlobalGrind’s offices to discuss his breakup, his forthcoming project Something You Should Know, Toronto’s influence in hip-hop/R&B, and the meaning behind his out-of-this-world name.

Something You Should Know will be released later on this year. Check out our exclusive interview with Pluto above.

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