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When the bad gal is bad, she’s very bad. But when she’s good, she’s the best person to have by your side. Case in point? Rihanna was a bridesmaid in her friend Jenn Rosales‘ wedding yesterday.

In true stoner style, the wedding took place in Hawaii on the weekend of 4/20 and RiRi had some kind and supportive words for Jenn:

#davis420wedding I can’t believe this day is finally upon us!!!!! I’m so happy and so proud to see my big sis @jennnrosales and my big bro @the_aa become one today!!! A wedding is a celebration of a marriage!!! That’s what we gon do!!! Celebrate the marriage that we’ve been lucky enough to witness grow and evolve for all these years!!!! #420 will never be the same again!!! God bless you both!!! And Jen you HAVE to take the Davis name bitch!!! Pull it together (in my Jhat voice)!!! #CheersToTheDavis’

The “BBHMM” singer posted a series of images from the day on Instagram. The girls – all dressed in varying shades of purple – turned up on the beach for their friend.

It’s kinda nice to see Rihanna do something totally normal like be a bridesmaid in a wedding. She’s just a regular (bad) gal.


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