These celebrities know how to celebrate 4/20. Take a look at a gallery of our favorite celebrity potheads, who celebrate the holiday in a major way. 

Support Black owned dispensaries and cannabis brands this 4/20 because it's not easy to get in the game. Spend your money with these Black owned dispensaries and cannabis brands this year.

Famed rapper and activist Killer Mike hosts the four-part docuseries that celebrates the impact and evolution of cannabis culture in Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

People all over the country celebrated 4/20 yesterday, Jhené Aiko included; head inside to watch her latest offering.

We had an opportunity to speak with Curren$y ahead of his exclusive NFT EP release, and he shared his thoughts on being progressive in the digital space, recording the project in a day, recent collaboration with Jay-Z's Monogram campaign, and his adorable relationship with his son. 

Only in New York can you do wild things like smoke weed on the train and folks don’t automatically call the police. One commuter got extremely lucky after sparking a huge blunt on the Subway and blowing it down like it was 420. You can tell some folks felt uncomfortable, until the culprit passed the […]

Potheads all around the world are celebrating the 4/20 holiday today.

Waka Flocka had a medical emergency after going way too hard on weed edibles and rolled blunts while touring in Seattle.