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Yes, you read that headline right.

Waka Flocka Flame is ready to get your vote, as the rapper is officially running for President in the 2016 presidential election.

The Salute Me Or Shoot Me 5 artist made the announcement on his social media on 4/20 this week, which ties into the fact that he is reportedly running on a marijuana platform. He even said he wants to legalize marijuana for “unlimited weed smoking.”

Waka revealed some of his political views in his new campaign video, stating:

“The first thing I would f–kin’ stop as president is dogs coming into restaurants.”

His views on minimum wage:

“I’m gonna raise minimum wage, I feel like all fast food restaurants should pay $15 an hour.”

His views on women’s rights:

“I feel like women got all the rights already, man, what else do they want?”

The rapper has also chosen DJ Whoo Kid to be his running mate in the election, but hasn’t revealed what political party he is part of.

See Waka’s presidential campaign videos above. Does he have your vote?


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