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After battling body image issues for a long time, Zoe Kravitz has come into her own – and she couldn’t appear more beautiful or confident.

In the latest slayage to surface – a Flaunt magazine spread – the model, actress, and musician can be seen showing off her unique style in a number of all-black ensembles, two of which puts the girls on full display.

Revealing her breasts to the camera, 26-year-old Zoe Kravitz’s sex appeal is through the roof.

Here’s what she had to say during her interview:

On the internet being a distraction:

“The information is right there but it’s all about who you are.

You can either use the internet and look at gossip blogs and porn all day, which is fine sometimes. Or you can use it to do exactly what we’re talking about: to connect with people, and find information. It’s all there, so it all comes down to your level of discipline, and interests and wonder.

It can be a huge distraction.”

On what she has been up to:

“I’m doing sh*t that I love. I just wrapped a film mid-January. It went straight to Sundance… Ever since then it’s been nonstop. Press for Insurgent. I have a film called Good Kill coming out with Ethan Hawke. Mad Max press is gearing up. Dopeis also at Sundance. That’s coming out in June.”

On being her biggest enemy:

“I beat myself up a lot—if I don’t feel active. I like to push myself.

My best friend Jimmy, who’s in my band [Lolawolf], he’s such a doer. I like to fantasize about doing it all the time, but he’s that guy that’s like, ‘What time tomorrow? Let’s just do it. Let’s sit down and start writing.’ And that’s how I get shit done. And it’s crazy you’re your biggest enemy, your biggest blockade. But whatever, it’s just like sit down and do it. Nike really did have it right [with] their slogan [but] I never think I know what I’m doing.

I saw this guy that had on a shirt with the Nike sign. And it said, ‘Nah, I’m good.’”

Check out more photos below, plus see her bare it all here. Is it just us, or is Zoe gorgeous as fuck?

SOURCE: Flaunt Magazine | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Flaunt, Instagram

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