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Just last week, John Stamos announced that Full House will be making a comeback and since then, we have all been nostalgic for our favorite childhood shows; so, when Tia Mowry visited the Meredith Vieira Show, the question of whether or not she and twin sister Tamera Mowry will be bringing back Sister, Sister came up.

She told the talk show host:

“I knew you were going to ask that,” Tia, 36, replied. “So many people, they want to see us back and, you know, I would love to. It’s just all about timing. I am working on [Instant Mom] right now and my sister is working on a show, so we’ll see. The fans, they really want it, so we’ll give it to them probably.”

Tia also revealed a very well-kept secret. Since her little brother Tahj Mowry was a recurring character, the twins used to visit the set of Full House and serve as babysitter for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Corey Hardrict‘s wifey told Meredith:

“My brother [Tahj Mowry, now 28], he played Teddy,” she said of her younger sibling’s recurring role as Michelle Tanner’s pal. “So, we would always go and visit the set, and my sister and I — a lot of people don’t know this — we would actually babysit the Olsen twins.”

As of their relationship today, she reveals:

“I mean, we’re not friends,” she noted of the designers. “But of course if we see each other we will say hi. The producers that would hang around on the set, they were like, ‘These girls are so adorable.’ We even did a guest spot on Full House. It’s kind of like where we got our first start.”

From Snoop Lion to Street Dogg, Snoop Dogg just keeps reinventing himself.

The rap legend is now taking over Nickelodeon as part of a show titled Sanjay and Craig. According to a Nick rep:

“Street Dogg, a rap icon who moves in next door to Sanjay and Craig…Street Dogg is a cool, funny, friendly guy who is always eager to rhyme with the kids. He’s come to town to escape the bright lights of LA, chill out, make some new music and live a quiet suburban life.”

Nice to see Uncle Snoop doing it for the kids. The special episode airs on Sunday, May 17, at 7:30 p.m.

“I know you’re Jewish, but God has a plan for you,” is one line from the funny, yet heartwarming, winner of the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

The film chronicles a teenager named Greg (played by Thomas Mann) in his senior year in high school, who is forced to be friends with Rachel (played by Olivia Cooke), a girl battling cancer. Things get awkwardly funny when Greg and his childhood friend decide to make a movie for Rachel. Other lines such as “Out of the people in school, I don’t hate you,” make the film–which hinges on heavy subject matter–touching and lighthearted.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes out in theaters on July 12.

SOURCE: Us Weekly, FOX Searchlight  | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Device Independent

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