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Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer ever. Deal with it.

There are probably a million reasons not to like Floyd Mayweather as a person, but Mayweather as a boxer deserves his props and his spot among the best. His boxing skills are unmatched by many. In fact, he might be the best defensive boxer to ever step foot in the ring.

Since the fight ended, I’ve heard complaining from Pacquiao fans. I’ve heard Manny himself make excuses as to why he looked like every other fighter who tangled with Floyd before. My own mother called Floyd a bitch for “running.”

Sorry mom, but Floyd made Pac look silly this weekend. Look, I get it: for almost 19 years he’s been the bad guy. He’s given the world numerous reasons to hate him, but just because you don’t like him, you can’t deny his accomplishments.

Just because you thought Manny would make Floyd eat his words, kiss the canvas, and then take his precious belt, doesn’t mean Floyd isn’t the best ever. Here are a bunch of reasons why you can hate Money Mayweather, but you still gotta give that man his props.

1. Because he’s arrogant.

Floyd is one arrogant son of a gun. He once engaged in a verbal war with a woman who didn’t know who he was, telling her to Google him and check Forbes Magazine. He did just make around $180 million for 36 minutes of fighting, and when you’re 48-0, no one can tell you anything.

2. Because he’s flashy.

He has more exotic cars then he knows what to do with, but that doesn’t stop him from stunting. You could probably think of a million better ways to spend the money Floyd spent on his cars, but you didn’t beat 48 hard-hitting boxers in order to spend that amount of money the way you see fit.

3. Because he’s rich. Y’all musta forgot.

4. Because you saw that video of Floyd Mayweather’s Punch Out and decided to jump on the bandwagon. I gotta admit, this is funny as hell.

5. Because he served time for hitting a woman.

He has a dark history of domestic violence; he even spent 2 months in jail for his actions. Last year he was asked about his past, calling everything allegations and hearsay.

6. Because you think he doesn’t give to charity.

In the video above, he was asked if he would donate to a charity that educates people about domestic violence. He told the reporter Rachel Nichols he’ll only be depositing the money in the bank for his kids.

7. Because he’s disrespectful. Remember 2011?

8. Because he did this with multiple women.

9. Because he’s not the best reader, but he’s pretty damn great at boxing.

Not sure if that’s a good reason to not like someone, but people don’t like him for that reason.

10. Because he doesn’t knock people out.

That’s a valid reason not to like his fights, but the fact that he’s not a knock-out puncher is well documented. He still puts together great examples of how to fight.

So while all of this is reprehensible, the man has yet to be taken down from his throne. Who’s next to challenge him?


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