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Did Jason Derulo really fall on his neck while walking down the stairs at the 2015 Met Gala?

Last night, Twitter erupted with an image of a young Black man in a white suit doing a full-on somersault down the prestigious Met Ball stairs. Apparently, folks thought the dude was pop singer Jason Derulo, but the photo isn’t even from last night – it was actually a prankster who pulled off something similar at the Cannes Film Festival. The “incident” took place in 2011 and was covered by multiple outlets.

So how did he get confused with Jason Derulo? Turns out jokesters on Twitter thought it would be funny to pinpoint the “Want To Want Me” singer and the idea quickly went viral.

The joke finally got to Jason, and he had to respond:

Apparently he was at rehearsal in Los Angeles, but we don’t know about you…It’s still kinda funny.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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