Eddie Murphy

This is not a joke.

Ladies and gentlemen, Eddie Murphy is pursuing a career in music…again.

While we patiently wait for Beverly Hills Cop 4 to come to fruition (not really, but), Eddie Murphy’s writing and recording reggae music for the masses.

The legendary comedian is no stranger to being a music artist. Back in 1985, he released the Rick James-penned jam “Party All The Time,” which topped the Billboard charts. Eddie would go to release not one, but three albums between 1985 and 1993. And now, he’s back at it.

Just when we thought he was over it, the million dollar man drops “Oh Jah Jah.” In the video, Eddie repeatedly sings, “goodness gracious, Lord have mercy.”

To be honest, the song’s not bad. It’s actually jammin’.

Watch his “Oh Jah Jah” performance below.

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