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Chris Brown may have forgiven the naked woman who broke into his home, spray painted two of his luxury cars, and made herself nice and cozy while he was away from his Cali digs – but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let it happen twice.

Word around town is that he’s installing a new security system and it’s top of the line. He’s also looking into house sitters.

Where do we apply? According to TMZ:

For starters, he’s installing a new, top-of-the-line security system. We can’t get a straight answer, but it looks like the old system wasn’t even on when Amira Ayeb broke into his Agoura Hills home and trashed the place.

Next step is good for Chris’ friends. He’s going to make sure someone is inside the house 24/7. As we reported, it appears Ayeb was inside for 2 days. So now Chris’ buddies get to house sit and there isn’t even a cat to feed.

TMZ also dishes that Chris doesn’t want his naked intruder prosecuted. She was charged with three felonies, to which she pleaded guilty, but he feels she needs help – not jail.

Way to beef up the security and keep it positive, bruh.


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