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Diddy and Drake have been going through a silent but nasty “beef” over the past few months. It appears to have all started when Diddy punched Drake in the face over the beat to Drizzy’s massive hit “0 – 100/The Catchup.”

Then things went up a notch after J Prince recorded a warning message for Diddy, telling him to keep his hands off his protegé. But as is true in most beef, they seem to get squashed when money is involved.

Drake and Diddy will be performing at many of the same festivals this year, and TMZ reports they jumped on a phone call to settle any issues they had with one another.

Sources close to both parties say they finally got together in mid-April for a summit, by phone. We’re told they chopped it up, and agreed to end the drama … and the major motivator for peace was green.

They’ve both scheduled big events this summer — festival concerts, holiday parties, and award shows — and realized they were going to cross paths several times. We’re told they decided to clear the air since both would rather make money than war.

Make money, less problems.


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