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Caitlyn Jenner‘s gender transition is going smoothly and she owes many thanks to the two doctors who performed her facial feminization surgery, amongst other body work she had done.

Most recently, Dr. Harrison Lee and Dr. Gary Alter spoke with the Daily News about how happy they are with Caitlyn’s results, saying they think she looks “absolutely beautiful.”

The site reports:

The renowned surgeons who helped Caitlyn Jenner with her physical transformation last March were honored to be chosen and are thrilled with the outcome, they told the Daily News Tuesday.

“She’s extremely happy with the results, and we are too,” Dr. Gary J. Alter said, referring to the gold medal winner formerly known as Bruce and co-surgeon Dr. Harrison H. Lee.

“I thought she looked absolutely beautiful,” the doctor said of Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover unveiled last week.

“She healed fabulously. She was a very quick healer,” he said.

Though the surgery took all day, the doctors reveal Caitlyn healed like the “Olympic champion she is.”

Alter, who also has a Park Avenue office in Manhattan, declined to get specific about Jenner’s exact procedures but said he handled “some body work” while Dr. Lee performed the facial feminization in Beverly Hills on March 15.

“The surgery took all day,” he said. “We knew it would be a long procedure and everything was planned ahead of time, and we’re very fortunate that everything has gone very well.”

According to Dr. Alter, Cait is very happy.

“I just talked to Caitlyn today. We discussed general things, but she’s just very happy with her life right now,” he said. “She’s extremely pleased with her transition. She’s getting along with her life in the manner that she’s always dreamed.”

Dr. Alter, a contributor on plastic surgery forum, said it’s been a professional privilege to work with her.

Check out a photo of Caitlyn signing a copy of her groundbreaking Vanity Fair article for Dr. Lee in the photo up top. It graciously reads, “”To Harrison, Great Job Thank you so much Caitlyn Jenner.”

You’ve got to love her.

SOURCE: Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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