This morning, a new report claimed Arnold Schwarzenegger had to undergo open-heart surgery and now the famed actor and former governor of California may be dealing with some complications stemming from the procedure. Here’s what we know, courtesy of TMZ. 1. He reportedly went to Cedars-Sinai on Thursday, March 29, for a catheter valve replacement. “We’re […]

2018 must be the year of truth because lots of poorly kept secrets are being exposed more and more everyday —especially in Hollywood. In her new memoir, Tyra Banks admitted (what most of us already assumed) that she’d had some work done earlier in her career. She told People magazine about getting a nose job, “I […]

One country is taking cosmetic surgery to a whole new level. In Bangkok, Thailand, Lelux Hospital is performing procedures that can make a penis whiter. That’s right. An employee of the hospital posted video and pictures of the procedure, and it has since gotten over 19,000 shares. The video alone has received over 4 million […]

Selena Gomez teased fans with new music just before the summer began — but she didn’t promote the songs like she normally would and laid low for the majority of the summer. On Thursday, the singer revealed the real reason for her mini departure from the spotlight, admitting that she had to recover from a […]

Tyrese Gibson is in the process of recovery following a three-hour surgery on Monday. The actor went on Instagram to give updates. “By my side… My Amazing wife and Daughter has been by my side every step of the way,” he wrote with a picture of himself in a hospital bed with his daughter Shayla hugging […]

Keke Palmer has never been shy when it comes to speaking her truth, regardless of the consequences — and she has no intention of stopping any time soon. During a recent interview with Yahoo Beauty, the Scream Queens star called out Kylie Jenner for caving into societal pressures and being inauthentic on social media. She told […]

Independence Day fireworks weren’t the only things going off this week. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are at war once again. This time, the drama is more real than their E! reality show. According to TMZ, Chyna claims Rob beat her up and then tried intimidating her to stay quiet or else she’d feel the wrath […]

Although Remy Ma declared that her beef with Nicki Minaj officially over, there’s still a few things she wants to clear up. The Bronx rapper visited L.A.’s Power 106 for an interview on The Cruz Show and dished on the rumors that she’s had plastic surgery by her former friend Rah Ali‘s surgeon. As you […]

After years of big lips being on trend, thanks to the Kardashian women (and women of color who are naturally blessed with plump pouters), it’s hard to believe that there are people who actually pay for lip reductions. Nonetheless, Dr. Apple Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand takes a pretty extreme approach to removing some of the volume from […]

Hazel-E is ending her year with a brand new vagina, and we all got to witness the outlandish process.

One Honduran man's life will never be the same after he lost his penis in a horrifying freak accident.

After shedding the baby weight and then some, Kim hit up Snapchat to flaunt her curves in teeny bikinis.