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Conflicting reports of DeJ Loaf‘s affiliates getting into a physical fight with her former management have hit the web in the wake of last night’s BET Awards.

DeJ Loaf was nominated for three awards and scheduled to perform at the event.

It appears that while DeJ Loaf herself was not involved in the physical altercation, the argument centered around the rapper, and her brother was involved in the fight.

From HotHipHopDetroit:

During BET Awards rehearsals at the Nokia Theatre, two of her former managers, Detroit Charlie and SayItAintTone, happened to be in the same place at the same time. While we cannot say if this was a mere coincidence, what we can confirm is that an altercation took place.

The fight started when said managers went to grab a plate of food from the catering area. Dej Loaf’s brother approached SayItAint and hit his hat off. Sources say SayItAint then knocked her brother with a right hook. Dej’s current team ran up and grabbed him while Dej Loaf’s other brother hit him in the head with a heel.

While blood leaked from this puncture on the side of his head, there were no stitches nor was there wasn’t a cut to his face as TMZ reported.

The FADER, who was able to get in touch with Detroit Charlie, reported the following:

“The story that was run on TMZ is false,” Detroit Charlie, who managed DeJ during her rise, told The FADER early Monday morning.

“We are still looking for the source of the false information,” he said in an email.

Billboard says that DeJ Loaf parted ways with her old management in recent weeks, which may be the reason for the kerfuffle.

We hope the beef gets squashed soon.

SOURCES: HotHipHopDetroit, The FADER, Billboard  | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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