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I am an Obama stan.

This is no secret. Some people are a Rihanna Stan (i.e. a part of the Navy), I’m that too. Some people are Kendrick fanatics. Yup, I’m one of those too. But above all, right now I am watching closely as Barack Obama kicks ass and takes names.

As someone who is trained to analyze political maneuvers I can say that Obama’s economic initiative to equip homes across the United States with internet access is unprecedented in political history. It’s that huge.

Access to information is key, that’s why students worldwide protest the raising of their tuition, because like the limiting of mobility in places like the UK (ehem, David Cameron) the limitation of information to the populace sets progress back a great deal.

In his July 15th speech about expanding economic opportunities across the nation Obama exudes bravery in his eloquent delivery of what is just and what is right. He demonstrates that he is clearly a powerful leader. He reflects on the last six and a half years, and the restructuring of the economy he has accomplished, the healthcare he has organized for multitudes of American citizens, and the list goes on.

Giving low income families internet access unrigs the game. It starts to level the playing field. The President said, “the people who can benefit the most from technology are the least likely to have it.” If I were at a poetry reading I’d be snapping up a storm. But instead I was just hollering “Oh shit!” while someone from my building was doing maintenance in my apartment. I think she thinks I talk to my computer screen.

But how could I explain to her all of the pent up frustration that went behind that exclamation? Watching the political landscape globally unfold sometimes feels like watching a ship sink at a slow yet accelerating speed. So to watch Obama steer straight into a hole in an iceberg screaming essentially “I Don’t Give a F*ck, I’m moving forward” is like watching Goliath take a swing, and not missing.

Many people are afraid of the truth. I’m not. When you’ve lived in a contained unit for a period of your life, whether that be a sheltered community, a community without something like…INTERNET ACCESS, or a closed unit of an institution, you know how valuable the truth is. If you’ve been in that situation chances are you’ve seen and experienced a lot of shit. I feel for you, because I am you. But I’m out of that game. And I hope others decide to get out of that game too. That is what the President meant by saying that American can no longer “close their eyes”.

Racism is at the crux of this problem. And many of us are plagued with racist thoughts, even when we are not racist in our souls. That’s the media. That’s your seriously racist boss rubbing off on you. We’re sponging. Diffusion, the concept of everything spreading into each other in science, applies to human interaction as well. That’s why pain is so real, because it affects all of us. A good friend of mine from Brooklyn told me that.

We are all interconnected. And Barack Obama is leading the way. Let him lead in peace.

– Arielle London

“Blessings are returned back to us.” – President Barack Obama.


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