One Denver Nuggets fan was a little too hype when his team won against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday. Here’s what happened… Right before the buzzer was about to sound, Nuggets player Gary Harris shot a three pointer allowing his team to win against OKC in the nick of time. One fan was so hype […]

Donnell Rawlings might be a wanted man after allegedly hitting a guy in the face for trying to take photos of Dave Chappelle outside of the SoHo Grand Hotel in NYC — but recent footage of the altercation may help prove the comedian’s innocence. Video of the alleged assault was released on Tuesday, showing Rawlings […]

Is there anything that Rihanna can’t do? She’s a pop star, business mogul — and she may have a future as a therapist. On Wednesday, Twitter user @WaladShami hit up the bad gal for some advice about getting over your first heartbreak. It’s shocking enough that the “Wild Thoughts” singer even replied to the tweet, but her […]

Travis Scott wants it to be known that although he can get crazy sometimes, he doesn’t condone craziness at his shows. On Sunday, a concertgoer fell from a third story balcony at  Scott’s concert, but the rapper wants you to know he is not responsible. TMZ reports that Scott never encouraged the teenager to jump into […]

Drake‘s fans always go hard when it comes to the 6 God, but one young lady took her thirst for Drizzy a little too far. The rapper’s home is the latest celeb estate to be burglarized, however, this time it wasn’t for the money and jewelry. TMZ reports that a member of Drake’s crew walked into […]

These days, fans get too excited and inappropriately touch the artists, and the artists have no problem getting physical right back. 50 Cent is the latest star to lash out at an audience member for aggressively grabbing him while he was performing. Fif hit the stage with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage on Saturday and when […]

Ebony Banks was just like the majority of people on the planet: an avid member of the Beyhive. But unlike most of us, the teen got a chance to not only talk to Beyoncé, but to video chat with her on FaceTime. Sadly, the high school student lost her battle lost her battle with cancer over the […]

When it comes to drama, Miguel is the last person that comes to mind, but after being accused of groping a woman without her consent while she was taking a picture with him at a club, the singer is finally responding to the allegations. On Thursday, TMZ caught up with the singer at LAX and asked […]

Miguel is catching major heat from a fan who says he groped her inappropriately after they took a photo together. A woman by the name of Xian Bass has taken to social media, stating that she met the singer, requested a photo and then he sexually assaulted her. She wrote on Instagram, “Dear Miguel, I used […]

T.I. knows just how and when to put a person in their place after they've crossed a personal line.

This video reinforces the age-old saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

A fan says the singer's entourage bullied him over a hat he asked to be signed