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The wife of a former player of the Buffalo Bills was kidnapped by her husband’s mistress, then killed in a murder suicide.

Sandra Barnett was murdered along an Alabama Interstate after being kidnapped from her Georgia home 24 hours earlier. Her killer, Lisa Brown, then turned the gun on herself. Brown was allegedly having an affair with Sandra’s husband, ex-NFL player Buster Barnett.

49-year old Sandra was a middle school special needs teacher and coworkers heard her arguing with a woman during a phone call before she vanished around noon. She was reportedly heard pleading, “please don’t hurt me.”

Brown’s vehicle was spotted 64 miles away from Sandra’s home and a police chase ensued. Upon pulling over, Brown fired two shots, killing Sandra and herself. Police uncovered handcuffs inside her vehicle.

Buster Barnett played as a tight end for the Bills from 1981-1984. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Sandra Barnett in the wake of this tragedy.


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