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We can’t even imagine having $10 million+ in the bank, and we certainly can’t imagine losing that much money. But ironically enough, it sometimes seems like those who make the most, also lose the most… at least, that’s been the case for these celebs.

Hey, what harm will throwing down a few million on a mansion do? Well, multiply that logic by like, 10 or 20 mansions, and you’ve got yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. The truth is, it’s scarily easy to go from rich and famous to famous and bankrupt. And once you’ve buried yourself in a financial hole, it’s pretty tough to climb out of that sucker.

Who knew Rihanna‘s “BBHMM” had such deep-rooted meaning, or that 50 Cent‘s bling rings and Lamborghinis were actually just rentals? Who knew that NBA All-Star Allen Iverson is probably struggling just to buy a meal deal at Micky D’s? If we’ve learned anything from these celebrities, it’s this one, very important lesson – once you’ve got money in the bank, let it sit there… or, choose to suffer the consequences.

At one point or another, all 17 of these celebrities went completely bankrupt. Some fought their way back into success, while others were not so lucky… and definitely not so fortunate.


Celebrities Who Went From Ballin’ To Broke
Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent seen arriving at BBC Radio 1 in Central London this afternoon.
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