If you’ve ever had times when you were afraid to check your bank account, don’t worry. We’ve all been there.     There’s plenty more where that came from when you hit the flip

Tokyo Toni says it like she means it. Blac Chyna‘s mom has always been honest about everything, including what’s happening inside the Kardashian clan and in her own daughter’s life. That’s why it isn’t surprising that Toni is now opening up about her personal finances. Over the weekend, Toni posted a video to IG, revealing that […]

We can’t even imagine having $10 million+ in the bank, and we certainly can’t imagine losing that much money. But ironically enough, it sometimes seems like those who make the most, also lose the most… at least, that’s been the case for these celebs. Hey, what harm will throwing down a few million on a mansion do? […]

Barack Obama made his last appearance ever on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and we’ve never seen the president so distraught. Jon Stewart got straight to it, telling the audience, “no one’s interested in my bullsh*t tonight,” introducing the president himself. He joked with Obama about having “senioritis,” considering he’s got only about a […]

For all Creed fans out there, this news is saddening. Frontman Scott Stapp, the singer who had us all singing “With Arms Wide Open” back in the early 2000’s, has revealed that he is currently broke and homeless. In a nearly 16-minute video posted on Facebook, Stapp explains his current situation: Right now I’m living in a […]