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Tokyo Toni says it like she means it.

Blac Chyna‘s mom has always been honest about everything, including what’s happening inside the Kardashian clan and in her own daughter’s life. That’s why it isn’t surprising that Toni is now opening up about her personal finances.

Over the weekend, Toni posted a video to IG, revealing that although she only has $33 to her name, she still will continue her community service work. She said in the clip, “I’m broke as a motherf***er. I got $33 to my entire name. Ask me do I care. Nope.” 

She did sprinkle a little righteousness in the ratchet saying, “You can be rich as a motherf***er and on your motherf***ing way to helll. Trust me, you can’t take nothing with you to heaven or hell.”

We dare you not to love Tokyo Toni.

PHOTOCREDIT: Instagram, Splash

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