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Kylie Jenner turns 18 on August 10th, which means in just 11 days, her relationship with Tyga will no longer be illegal. Woo! Time to celebrate…who’s bringing the champagne? Oh, wait.

It looks like Kylie’s GED really paid off. The (still) 17-year-old superstar connected the dots that celebrating her b-day within the U.S. borders might be potentially problematic, considering she’s still three years away from legally consuming her first alcoholic bev. Her options were pretty limited, and equally obvious – throw a sober tea party or leave the country.

So naturally, Kylie will throw a massive rager at Beachclub Montreal in Canada. Picture college spring break in Cancun, shift it over to Canada, and you’ve pretty much got all the information you need on the venue. The owner of the club is doin’ it big for KJ, flying her up in a helicopter…that will land on a luxury boat…that will dock next to a table stocked with booze. Oh yeah, and there’s a $3,000 cake involved.

It should be a big day for Kylie, and arguably an even bigger day for Tyga. We hope for the Kardashians’ sake that the almost 18-year-old can handle her liquor. Stay tuned.


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