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In honor of the newly discovered Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get?Tyler, the Creator took to the stage during Jimmy Kimmel Live and rapped excerpts from the new book.

The Odd Future emcee even added his own special touch to the performance by dressing up in a Cat in the Hat suit. After some guidance from Jimmy, Tyler rapped lines like “Do you see how it is when you pick out a pet? How can you make up your mind what to get?” with his typical apathetic swag.

There are few rappers who could pull off a stunt like this, and only Tyler would end the sketch by calling the whole thing “wack.”

Later, during his performance of “Cherry Bomb,” fans moshed like crazy, matching Tyler’s frantic onstage energy. For his second song, he slowed the vibe down and kept the crowd transfixed while playing the piano to “Smuckers.” After the official taping, Tyler also performed “Pilot.”

Check out all his performances below.

SOURCE: Billboard | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube

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