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Each episode of Caitlyn Jenner‘s docu-series I Am Cait gives us an intimate understanding of the issues transgender individuals face daily. In fact, the simplest things that cisgender women take for granted can be major insecurities for their transgender counterparts.

In a preview for the latest episode of the E! series, Caitlyn, Kim Kardashian, and long-time family friend Malika Haqq talk about Caitlyn’s inability to sound feminine.

At first, it’s all jokes as Caitlyn and Kim act out a room service call, with Caitlyn using her best female voice in hopes of being called “ma’am.”

Unfortunately, she sounds exactly the same and Kim bursts out laughing and immediately shuts her down by calling her “sir.”

Caitlyn then heads to the confessional and reveals her struggle matching her voice to her new self.

Watch the full video above and be sure to tune into I Am Cait Sundays on E!.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop | VIDEO: Twitter

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