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Bobbi Kristina Brown was laid to rest this past weekend in New Jersey in a cemetery plot next to her late mother, Whitney Houston.

From E! News:

Bobby Brown’s late daughter, 22, was buried in a private ceremony at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, N.J. Her casket arrived in a procession at 1 p.m. after first arriving at Whigham Funeral Home, which handled Whitney’s arrangements three years ago.

Surrounding roads were closed to make way for family and friends and to give them privacy. The burial comes only two days after Bobbi Kristina was honored in a “perfect” funeral, according to Ellin LaVar, Whitney’s former hairstylist.

Family members in attendance included Bobby Brown, Leolah Brown, Tina Brown, Pat Houston, and Cissy Houston. Family friend Tyler Perry shared a moving video montage of Bobbi Kristina comprised of photos and videos from her birth to maturity.

Unfortunately, Perry also had to escort Leolah out of the service after she reportedly began to complain about Pat Houston, a co-guardian of Bobbi Kristina’s estate.

Bobbi Kristina’s otherwise peaceful funeral has been somewhat tarnished by the alleged sale of a photo of her lying in a coffin. Headlines swirled a few weeks ago when a similar incident occurred; an alleged relative of Bobbi Kristina’s was said to be shopping a photo of her in hospice care for $100,000 to news outlets. Though unsuccessful on the first shopping of the hospice photo, the reprehensible behavior succeeded this time: the photo of Bobbi Kristina in her coffin has reportedly been purchased for $100,000.

From Gossip Cop:

As Gossip Cop previously reported, a similar occurrence happened to Brown’s mother Whitney Houston back in 2012 when the National Enquirer published a sneaked photo of the singer in her open casket. Hopefully, there will be as much outrage and disgust with the outlet that publishes the Brown photo as there was with Enquirer back then.

Rest easy, Bobbi Kristina.

SOURCE: E! News, Gossip Cop | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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