The late George Floyd is going to be remembered across the country, new reports state. 

On Friday, Lil Wayne is set to drop his highly anticipated 13th studio album, entitled Funeral — and fans had lots to say about the peculiar title. Sure, it’s creative and cool that if you flip the album upside down, it spells his name.   But with the amount of deaths we’ve experienced […]

Police actually interrupted a funeral to use a dead man's finger.

The first lady found Obama in a hopeless place...a funeral to be exact.

The family and friends of one millionaire auto dealer made sure he went out in style when it came to his funeral. In Trinidad and Tobago, Sheron Sukhdeo, was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting outside his mother-in-law’s house. And while folks close to the victim are surely mourning his loss, they didn’t waste anytime […]

People love their pets — but it’s not often someone throws a funeral for their goldfish (besides Rudy Huxtable). Well, one guy’s fish funeral has everyone on the Internet in tears, but not in a sad way. Hopefully this fills your day with much joy and more laughter. Happy Saturday  

On the larger scale of things, 30 years old is still a young age full of possibilities. But for Mila Blatova, it’s the end of a chapter — her beloved 20s. To mourn/celebrate years passed, Mila staged a mock funeral for her 30th birthday. She even sported black clothing and decorated her spot with black balloons. […]

One woman was in for a huge surprise when she found out her uncle was a funeral crasher using other people’s somber moments to cash in on some free food. She detailed her shocking revelation on Twitter. Hit the flip to read more!